DMIT seminar was organized at Ashrafia IT kidz school…..

Ashrafia IT Kidz school organized DMIT seminar for parents and students on 23rd March…

Children and Parents join a very good feedback for the program. Parents say that the DMIT has seen changes in growth of their children, and in which field their children are good now they have also found it easy to choose it and for such programs parents expressed their desire to continue even further.



DMIT seminar which was organized for parents and children proved to be very influential in this program, including  Intelligence Quotient, Emotional quotient,  Spiritual Quotient,  Creative quotient, knowing their internal  Mysterious Power and Improvement  by Night, or topics like Brain Training were also included in the program.

Were Here all the parents and children were given a number of rated related careers, health and wellness and tips for how to make their progress in their career choice. Principal Miss Durksha Baksh of Ashrafia IT Kidz School also praised the Motivational Speech given by MR. Ambuj Urastit, who was the co-ordinator of the DMIT.