5G launched in both South Korea and US

While these nations have already launched 5G connection, 5G for India is a distant dream. There was an update which said India and Israel were partnering up to develop 5G Technology. However, as per the Government, 5G technology will arrive in India as late as 2022. The price of the unlimited network plans of 5G is $70 per month, which is probably reasonable given that the 5G network will run 20 times faster than any other previous networks. The launch of 5G in South Korea was launched on Friday, 5 April 2019, two days before the date originally set for the launch.

Last week  5 South Korean celebrities became the first 5G subscribers. Simultaneously US also saw a limited commercial launch of 5G networks. 5G's speed , responsiveness  and reach out could indeed revolutionise agriculture, utilities, law & order, healthcare, manufacturing, AI and Virtual reality.

Now the intensity with which the two telecoms are claiming that they did it first, underscores the stakes in this battle of supremacy and shows how competitive it would be..