FB uploaded email ID's of 1.5 million users, said, 'Unknowingly, now deleting'

When you enter an email password, a message on Facebook pops up, saying that it is 'importing' your contacts without asking it....

Did You also suffered from this on Facebook..... Then please RESET your e-mail accounts Passwords fast... there is nothing to worry but awareness is important...

Facebook unknowingly uploaded the email contact of the new 15 million users created after 2016. This social media networking company has received a list of 1.5 million new users in their social media network since May 2016. According to the company, they unconsciously uploaded these contacts on Facebook and now they are deleting them.

This disclosure came when a security researcher found that Facebook was asking some users to enter their email passwords. This was happening when signing up for a new account to verify its identity. If you enter your email password, then a message pops up saying that it is 'importing' your contacts without asking it.

A Facebook spokesperson said, "Last month, when we signed up for Facebook for the first time, the email password verification was turned off as an option for people who validate their account. When we saw the steps in which people were going to verify their accounts, we found that in some cases people's email contacts were uploaded unknowingly on Facebook. We estimate that 15 million email contacts were uploaded. These contacts were not shared with anyone and we are removing them. We fixed the underlying problem and informed the people whose contacts were imported. People can also review and manage the contacts shared with Facebook in their settings. 

source : internet.