Touch is an experience, "Concept of Touch" - Acharya Sudarshan

The touch depends how our acceptance is. How do we want to accept touch...

Touch is an experience, the sensation, the self-awareness towards the object. By the way, touch means touching some object, but the experience in touching it means that the original meaning of touch. Touch originally comes from the contact of an object. Lord Shrikrishna says that contact with Sangati is the origin of work in the mind, but here the tactile sense is used as a special meaning. Lord Sri Krishna has used the word 'Sanjayata', that is, when our mindset strikes someone or there is resistance to the thoughts of the mind, then there is a disorder in mind.

The touch depends how our acceptance is. How do we want to accept touch There are many types of touch. First is the sight touch. The experience that we get from physical touch is also the experience we experience from the vision. The second is memory touch. When we touch someone by remembering someone. Touch is good and bad too It depends on how our emotions are. When we touch something, what is our purpose behind it? That is why all psychology of touch depends on what touch is touching for which purpose. Important is the feeling of touch.

While explaining deep psychological touch, there are many types of touch. A simple touch expresses the meaning in many directions.When we touch a wife, then there is a different feeling, touching the daughter, then there is a different feeling in the mind and touching the feet of the parents, then there is an understanding of a different divinity.Now the question arises that the touch is the same, but why are there so many differentiations in his experience?This is the realization.The sensation of perception is from the conscious mind.But when our perception, our vision and our desire are awake, then there is experience accordingly.

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