Each year, their students are playing state and national wrestling.

  • Posted on April 22, 2019
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School and National Sportsmen are coming out every year, but they are creating bright future for Bhilai..

There is a lot of people linked to the game in TwinCity. Bhilai-Durg is considered as the game's capital. There are many sports national players, trainers, referees and other officers present, but there are very few people who have played three or three games. Not only has he played but he has also waved his mantle. All the sports are being trained at national and state levels by training them. Lalit Sahu of the fort started with weight lifting in his school days, but meditation seemed more in wrestling. 

Lalit Sahu playing wet lifting. Earning a name in weight lifting, they are trying to get their iron in wrestling. The nuances of wrestling students are learning their talent in State and National.Nikhilak has been national player

Lalit Sahu got a job in education in 1982 Lalit used to do his job, but the focus and focus were only in the game. Because he was a lively player. Lalit Sahu continued to train in power lifting. Individually and also in Mahatma Gandhi School At the same time, weight lifting Lalit Sahu took part in the national championship. Not only did he take part, he also established his dominance. If he could not win, but the organizers, the judges and other players were stunned by seeing his game skills. Having trained them, more than 25 players have participated in the state and national championship. At the same time, he continued playing in wrestling and even prepared the player.

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