Increasing trend of e-books, increasing interest in people

Principal Dr. Raksh Singh said that the importance of books has been seen since ancient times, currently the trend of e-books is increasing, which is very useful for students and professors. Dr. J Durga Prasad said that the present day library has increased. The importance of the library is increasing day by day, which is a good sign in the field of research. Dr. OP Patel told that more than one hundred countries in the world had decided to celebrate this day to promote the use of books together, It is believed that it started in Spain in 1923. Officially UNESCO has decided to celebrate this day as World Book and Copy Wright Day since 1995. World Book Day provides an opportunity. He said that society should give a new direction to the society by recognizing the power of books and developing its inner qualities. Teachers and students are presently in the program.

The lecture was organized by the Shree Shankaracharya College Library Department on World Book and Copy Write Day. Speakers in this said that the trend of e-books has increased in today's time. Along with this, students and people have also found interest in it.


Launched the program, wreaths on the oil painting of Dr. Saraswati and Dr. Ranganathan and the burning of the island was jointly organized by Principal Dr. Raksh Singh, Additional Director Dr. J Durga Prasad Rao.

source : internet.