CG Board exam results may be issued on May10, 2019.

  • Posted on April 26, 2019
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Raipur. Chhattisgarh Secondary Education Board (Mashim) 10th-12th Chief Examination 2019 is likely to come this May 10 this year. This time, after the results of board examinations, those examiners who will not get satisfaction in their results, can re-copy their copy. This time, the provision has been made to re-evaluate the changes of these rules and also to the candidates who got more than 80% marks.

At the same time, it has been decided to give photocopy of Rs. 500 / - per copy after 15 days in the State Open School Examination. It is noteworthy that two years ago, Mashiman had banned the re-evaluation of those who scored less than 20 percent and those who scored more than 80 percent in the 10th and 12th board exams in the regular examinations examinations.

Experts said that if the board recognizes students between 21 to 80, by giving them the facility of re-evaluation, then the error is probable, then the human error can be in all the answer papers. With this, candidates who have less than 20 percent marks and more than 80 percent marks should also get the right to judge the answer book and to get justice. Eventually, Masiman stamped the proposal. At the recent meeting of the Examination Committee, the members had objected how the dream of making the topper due to the restriction in the re-evaluation of students who got more than 80 percent marks this year is breaking.

These are the rules of re-evaluation and recalculation.


1- You can apply for re-evaluation, recalculation and photocopy of copies within 15 days of declaration of results.

2- Can be applied simultaneously for recalculation or photocopy of answer papers.

3- Fees taken to show the photocopy of the resignation and answer sheet will not be returned in any case.

4- Charges taken for recalculation, re-evaluation and photocopy will not be returned in any case.

Fees so Feet


For recalculation, Rs. 500 for photocopy of reply book, 500 rupees per copy, for re-evaluation, Rs. 500 is fixed.

Discount for these


For the tribal students of Bijapur, Jagdalpur, Dantewada, Kanker, Kadgaon, Narayanpur, Sukma Baor Balrampur and Rajnandgaon, tribal students residing in the state, Vikas block of Manpur and Mohla will be given 50 percent discount in the prescribed fee. This rebate is not for recalculation and photocopy of the answer sheet.

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