Chhattisgarh Budget 2019 - Know what you got, things you must know

Raipur. After 15 years, Congress's CM, Bhupesh Baghel, presented the budget in Chhattisgarh assembly on Friday. All eyes were seen on this budget about the promises made in the Assembly elections. Let's know who got this budget in Chhattisgarh...

- Government will purchase paddy from farmers for Rs 2500 per quintal.

- Electricity bill up to 400 units will be half.

- 35 kg of rice will be given on each ration card.

  • In the Chief Minister Kanyadan scheme, the grant amount was Rs 25 thousand.
  • - "Divyangs" - physically disabled will be given a marriage for the amount of one lakh rupees.

- The honorarium of cooks who made midday meal was valued at Rs 1500.

Scholarship for ST-SC and Backward Classes has been raised to Rs. One thousand rupees. With this, they will be given 700 rupees for food.

- Tendupta collectors will now get 4 thousand rupees.

  • NDRF jawans will be given 50 percent allowance

- 10 youths will be trained in every village for Gobar Gas Plant.

Police will get respite allowance.

source : internet.