Village Pulari engineering... pond filled with pipe and pump then poured water in the dry Mahanadi.


 As the water source drops between 45 degrees of mercury, the villages are beginning to laugh at water. Due to the drying of the river of Mahanadi, people of Mohan village, on the banks of the river dependent on the river, have to face serious problem of wages. The people of the village were carrying their work from the pond or well, but they also dried up. After all, the Jugaad technique has worked and the pond is inaccessible and the population of about 800 is getting rid of this water. The dried Mahanadi gave oxygen to the village.

The Mahanadi is so dry for the first time   : Sarpanch Chetan Nishad of the village, the old Jethu Nishad of Mohan, villagers of Patna Nishad, Purnima etc. say that the Mahanadi is so dry for the first time that even water that does not wash their mouth in the river is too dry. This has caused the crisis of potholes and cattle to settle down. 

Pipe pouring 60 thousand rupees, Shramadan also: People have brainstoned  that the Mahanadi may have dried up but there will be water in its foothills which can be removed from the bore. This can be filled with pond. But money was needed for this, so the meeting of the village was convened and donated money by donating money. On seeing, about 60 thousand rupees were deposited. 

source : internet.