Taekwondo and writing training is given to the children

Ambikapur News|Ramanujanagar -

Surajpur district has started its summer camp in Jharkapara Primary School, which has made its mark in innovation. While there is less enthusiasm about the camp in many educational institutes, the children present in the school on the very first day, with enthusiasm, learned the tricks of Taekwondo while also receiving handwriting improvements training.

Inaugurating the Summer Camp, Gautam Sharma said that apart from the school children, other children from government and private schools are also joining this camp. On Wednesday, Taekwondo's training instructor Sahdev Ram Ravi was given the training of black belt and handwriting improvements by the teachers of the school. Teacher Shri Sharma said that training of Taekwondo is necessary for the children to protect themselves. With its regular practice, where there is flexibility in the body, the children learn to live in mental and physical discipline. Rajendra Jaiswal, Assistant In-charge of Summer Camp said that children are also being given training in handwriting improvements, because improving the quality of education is necessary for improving handwriting issues which is very much seen in childre. On this occassion JNA teacher Moharsaye Ram Shastri ji were also present.

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