Fannie storm / capital in the morning today with strong winds, showers will get relief from heat

  • Posted on May 03, 2019
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  • Raipur. Super cyclone i.e. Fannie storm on Friday flashed on the coast of Odisha on Friday. Hurricanes are now heading towards West Bengal. Because of this, there is a possibility of black cloud with strong wind in the capital at around 3 pm. At 4 o'clock, wind speed is likely to increase and the showers begin. However, according to the weather experts, the weather will be pleasant with the Fanni storm in the capital. 

According to weather experts, the wind speed will be 25-30 km per hour, as usually happens in the evening at the end of May. The rain will not be too long, but after the evening the air will cool down. Assistant meteorologist PL Devangan of Lalpur Meteorological Center said that Fanni storm has turned into super cyclone. This is the situation of the hurricane when the speed of the storm surge increases to 200 km per hour. In such circumstances, the scope of the storm starts to subside. Although damage to the surface where the storm will hit the surface, there is harm to it due to this. Raipur distance from Odisha coast is 600 km. No loss but will get rid of heat, the weather will be pleasant Cloud will rise at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at 4 p.m. air speed  

Airport opened for Odisha flights 24 hours  Raipur. Airport authorities have been alerted for this. Also, special arrangements have been made in the airport.


 Landing of in other neighboring states, including Odisha, may be if land is not able to land in Bhubaneswar, then all those planes will be landed in Raipur. . Apart from this, the impact of the cyclone occurs in other neighboring states and the flights will also be diverted to Raipur. 

Increased number of canceled trains:
Railways have canceled dozens of trains from Raipur to Odisha and Andhra Pradesh due to the threat of hurricane. The first five trains were reported to be canceled. On Thursday evening, the number of trains which were suddenly canceled was increased. Apart from this, the route of some trains has also been diverted. 

According to the information, the trains on  Puri-Ajmer, Balasar-Puri and Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express were canceled due to this and no Raipur has been canceled. On May 3, Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Samata, Puri-Ahmedabad, Puri-Howrah, Puri-Sayyanagar Shirdi, Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express and both Puri-Durg Express have been canceled on both routes. On May 4, Puri-Gandhidham, Ahmedabad-Puri on May 5 and Ajmer-Puri Express on May 7 will also be canceled. Visakhapatnam-Amritsar Hirakund Express will be run on Vijaywada-Titlagarh-Sambalpur on Friday except for Thursday. Secunderabad-Kamakhya Express will run through Ballarshah-Nagpur-Jharsuguda. Officials said that due to the hurricane, about hundred trains have been canceled across the country. If the impact of the storm is high then the date of train cancellation can be increased.

source : internet.